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Home Improvement Myths

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Home-improvement Myths

Springtime is upon us and you have decided to tackle a home improvement project. Now before you start, let’s review the top 10 sure you’re spending your money and time wisely.

Any Remodeling Project will Add Value

While many remodeling projects will add value to your home some are seen as a negative for future buyers. For instance, combining two small bedrooms into one large bedroom is a better fit for your lifestyle today but it may cause a home does valuable for a future buyer who needs a separation.

Highest Quality Materials Attracts More Buyers

Installing the highest quality materials will always seem like a wise decision but it came to backfire. For instance, using the most expensive granite in the kitchen may impress your friends, But Value conscious buyers may opt for a more affordable home.

Adding Square Footage Always Adds Value

First, consider if it is “usable?” For instance, square footage in attics and basements that are finished by county standards considered livable but may not be attractive to a buyer of the space is substandard compared to the rest of the home.

Colors and Textures - Safe and Simple is Better than Outside

Keeping a home vanilla so that a buyer can choose their salon Decour sounds like a safe bet that without splashes of color and make sure to text most buyers just can’t visualize at home differently.

Inside Improvements are Better than Outside

If your home buyer can’t get past the exterior of your home because it doesn’t have a good curb appeal, they may not even walk through the door to see what’s on the inside.

Adding a Bedroom is Better than Adding a Bathroom

It depends. If you have one or two bedrooms now, consider adding a bedroom before adding a second bath because most buyers prefer three-bedroom homes, and on the other hand, if you already have three bedrooms and one bath go for a new bathroom.

Paint Hides a Multitude of Sins

Dry Rot? Mold? Termites? Nothing a can of paint can’t fix, right? Wrong! Not only does this practice violate disclosure laws in more states, but it can also set you up for liability after the sale, as most buyers want you to fit the bill for these hidden issues.

Converted Garage to Living Space is a Trade-Off

Nope. A garage conversion is almost always viewed negatively and won’t buy future homebuyers unless you replace the last garage with another space of equal size. If you’re going to do one anyway make sure that it can be easily converted back to the garage at the time of the sale.

Doing the Work Yourself Will Save You Money

For many homeowners, wiring a new light fixture or plumbing a new dishwasher is a no-brainer. For the rest of us, it may end up costing more later and repairs when we have to order the work to be redone by a professional.

Pools Add Value to Your Home

Only if they only if you live in areas where they are must-have amenities. This is because the idea of the meaning of maintaining a pool for ten months out of the year, when you can’t enjoy it during that time, won’t appeal to those fires.

When it comes to choosing the right remodeling projects becoming an informed homeowner is the first step in making wise and profitable decisions but don’t stop there! Talk to remodeling professionals, contractors, home-improvement specialists, and local realtors about what amenities are covered most by homebuyers in your market.

Shanon Pewtress

Real Estate Broker, Licensed in the state of Oregon

Published East Medford Life Magazine - March 2014

Shanon holds an MBA in International Business, loves writing in her “At Home with Shanon” column that has been delivered to 47,000+ homes in Medford since 2014, has appeared on the Real Estate Radio Show, and was also featured on A&E TV network’s Real Estate Reality TV show.



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