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Homes for the Homeless & Showing Gratitude this Fall Season

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Fall is my favorite time of year in Medford because it’s a season where we get to see the beautiful and vibrant fall colors take change. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday it’s also a time of year where we ‘give thanks for the things, people, or moments in our lives by showing gratitude in our unique ways.

I’d like to take the opportunity this fall season to give thanks for the work I have in this beautiful place we call home. Like many professions, I get to work with amazing people in our community, including the incredible Realtors throughout the valley who are out there every day helping people embark on new chapters in their lives by helping them find a warm place to call home.

I'd also like to extend my gratitude to the people in Medford who contribute, in the best way they know how, towards the greater good of man and our community. I was recently appointed as a Commissioner for the City of Medford's Housing & Community Development Commission. We advise the City Council on matters affecting housing and community development, as we look for ways to provide educational and economic opportunities for people to live and thrive in our wonderful community.

In a recent commission meeting, we were given a presentation by Medford’s Homeless Task Force. In a recent survey they conducted of 625 participants, there were 252 sheltered in Emergency Shelters, 127 sheltered in Transitional Housing, and 226 people Unsheltered. Keeping in mind there are quite possibly more people sleeping on the streets every night without a warm roof over their heads who need someone to make a difference by simply extending a helping hand.

I invite you this month of “Thanksgiving” to join me as we show our gratitude for this community by helping one another through small acts of kindness. My mother always told me, “Shanon, little drops will fill the bucket,” and I believe if each of us finds our ways to ‘pay it forward’ that we can grow not only as individuals but also grow together as a community.

With thanks,



If you are looking for volunteer opportunities or help, please see below for outreach opportunities in our area:

Rogue Retreats – 541-499-0880: 529 N. Riverside Ave.

Rogue Retreat offers 42 apartments of Permanent Supportive Housing for Homeless individuals and families. There is no time limit for participants in the program. Each participant meets with a case manager to address the barriers that have contributed to their homelessness to reach their full potential.

St. Vincent de Paul - 541-772-3828: 2424 N. Pacific Hwy.

St. Vincent de Paul is a homeless shelter in Medford that provides shelter for up to 30 days. The shelter can house approximately 40 people. Children and families are given priority. The church helps with rent or utilities every 24 months, and vouchers are given for I.D.’s and Driver’s Licenses and use at the Salvation Army Store. They provide clothing, tents, sleeping bags, furniture, and other household items. They also issue free diapers once a month, toiletries, dog or cat food, and feminine products. Outreach is available for those who need services but cannot travel. Free lunches are prepared six days a week and the food pantry is open daily for food boxes. On the last Monday of the month, they do free haircuts, free dental clinics, and free health checks.

Maslow Project (School-Age to 21) -541-608-6868: 209 W Main Street

This organization serves homeless or at-risk youth in Jackson County. They provide toiletries, clothing (Jessica’s Closet), and many other basic needs. They are a goal-oriented center that helps youth establish educational, employment, and personal goals.

Medford Gospel Mission- Women & Children's Shelter- 541-772-2931: 534 N. Bartlett Road

This shelter offers services for 10 days at a time for up to 30 days. They provide shelter for only women and children and children must be with a parent. They offer showers to the community Monday-Friday from 10:30-noon.

Medford Gospel Mission Men’s Shelter - 541-779-1597: 125 West Jackson Street

This shelter allows 10 days in the shelter and 30 days out. They allow this sequence without limit. They also encourage self-sustainment and self-sufficiency. The Mission provides all three meals upon attending services, showers, and a bed. The Mission kitchen is open 7 days a week to the public for dinner. Dinner is from 5 – 6:30 p.m. and requires no commitments.

Salvation Army Hope House – 541-773-7005: 1065 Crews Rd.

The Salvation Army Hope House is located in Medford that can house approximately 70 people. In addition to housing, the shelter also offers job-hunting skills and financial assistance. Individuals are allowed to stay for up to 2 years.

ACCESS Inc. Emergency Homeless Prevention Program – 541-779-6691: 3630 Aviation Way

The ACCESS Housing Department is dedicated to the creation of affordable housing and rental assistance as well as programs, resources, and services that offer low to moderate-income people the opportunity to live in decent, safe, housing. Some programs are designed to help low-income families maintain or transition into permanent housing. Eligible families receive help with rent, security deposits, move-in costs, and other expenses to prevent homelessness or rapidly rehouse homeless individuals and families.

Hearts With A Mission (Ages 10-17) – 541- 646-7385: 521 Edwards Street

This is a temporary youth shelter for up to 120 days. They provide clothing, food, toiletries, counseling, mentors, tutoring services, and work to get them back with their families or back on track. They work with DHS to get them on state health care and food stamps. They are currently the only all-youth shelter in Jackson County.

Community Works: For Programs See Below

541-779-4357 900 E Main St.

Dunn House Shelter (All Ages)

Provides sexual assault and domestic violence victim services to women and children experiencing this at home. They provide a safe place for abuse victims to go for up to 30 days and are welcome to return at any time. They provide group counseling and extensive resources to victims and families.

Street Outreach (Ages 16 to 21)

This program is for at-risk teens or homeless runaways who have been subjected to or are at risk of sexual assault, prostitution, or sexual exploitation. Through street-based outreach, this program works to reconnect youth to resources. The program expands to Ashland.

Transitional Living Program (Ages 16 to 21)

Provides services to homeless youth or youth working to live independently in the community. They offer mental health services, substance abuse treatment, educational services, and vocational rehabilitation.

Home Run (Ages 16 to 21)

These intensive services provide emergency shelter for up to three months, individual and family counseling, resource development, and after-care support. Like Hearts With A Mission, they strive to reunite youth with their families or find them a safe environment.

National Runaway Hotline - 800-621-4000

Boys Town USA National Hotline - 800-448-3000

Information provided by: A project by journalism students at Southern Oregon University

For general questions contact Heather Everett Chair of Jackson County Homeless Task Force @

Shanon Pewtress

Real Estate Broker, Licensed in the state of Oregon

Published November 2014

Shanon holds an MBA in International Business, loves writing in her “At Home with Shanon” column that has been delivered to 47,000+ homes in Medford since 2014, has appeared on the Real Estate Radio Show, and was also featured on A&E TV network’s Real Estate Reality TV show.



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